Charles Smith Wines – The Velvet Devil 2014


Color      :    Rouge

Origin    :    Mattawa, Washington States (USA)

Grapes   :    94% Merlot 3% Cabernet Sauvignon 2% Malbec 1% Cabernet Franc

Who ?     :   Charles Smith, self-taught winemaker

Price       :    12$

Story      :  Charles, at the beginning, has nothing to do with wine, even though, he comes from Sacramento, California at the foothill of Sierra Nevada Mountain. But he decided to live his life as an artist in a rock band and went to Denmark to join a friend. He stays there almost for a decade. His passion for music made him spend most of his time on the road, it allowed him to discover the diversity that each country offers concerning wines. Returning in the united states he crosses the road of a French winemaker who encourage him to produce his own wine! That’s how the Kung Fu Girl, The Velvet Devil, Boom Boom, Eve! and Chateau Smith were born.


Tasted October, 16 2017

Nose                :     Red and black fruits, a touch of brown tabacco that’s make you want to sip it!

Mouth             :     Really, this wine is easy to drink and really accessible with it juicy mouth. Not too much complexity but very well balanced and well made. Yummy…

Conclusion    :    Charles Smith largely achieved his goal by offering a wine that is to drink right now with the characteristics of its grape variety. He also fit really well for an “aperitif” followed by homemade pesto pasta :)


Land to Hand

Vineyard to Bottle

Our Rating

7 heart-stopper

Our rating

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