Chateau Montelena – Napa Valley Chardonnay 2014


Coulor  :    White

Origin   :   Chateau Montelena, Napa Valley (California)

Grapes :    Chardonnay

Who?    :    Matt Crafton (winemaker), Bo Barrett (CEO)

Price     :    58$

Story    :   Who has never heard of the judgment of Paris in 1976? For the first time, Californians wines beat french wines during a blind tasting. The day when Château Montelena with its winemaker Mike Grgich won the first place ahead of Roulot wine: Meursault Les charmes. If you want more details about the story of this wine you have to watch the movie  “Bottle Shock” If this isn’t already done…



Tasted on April 2nd, 2017

Nose                  :    A fresh nose with subtle fruit that make me think of pear and few lights flowers.

Mouth               :    A very present acidity, the same as when we bite into a green apple, spices, some wood, some citrus and some roundness.

Conclusion    :    I don’t know if it’s because I watched Bottle Shock several times or I had studied thoroughly this mythical tasting, but I was expecting an exceptional wine. I was expecting to have my taste buds totally shaken by one of the best Californian Chardonnay and to soak my lips in a piece of history. And actually, no… It’s well done, but it lacks cruelly of balance, length and above all emotions …


1st place

1976 Paris Tasting

Our Rating

5 heart-stopper

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