Frog’s leap – La grenouille rouganté, 2016


Color      :    Rosé

Origin    :    Frog’s leap, Napa Valley (California) – organic vineyard

Grapes   :    87% Carignane 8% Valdiguié (Napa gamay) 2% Mondeuse 1.5% Charbono 0.5% Mourvedre/Riesling

Who ?     :   John Williams (winemaker & proprietor) et his winemaker Paula Moschetti

Price       :    $20

Histoire :   John Williams began working at Stag’s Leap in 1972, the winery that won the jugement de Paris 1973 in the category Cabernet Sauvignon. After graduating from UC Davis and working in the state of New York, he decided to open his own Winery “Frog’s Leap” in 1981. He was named “the prince of wine” by the New York Time in 1982. And otherwise, to have the whole story in details I invite you to click here.


Tasted April 2, 2017

Nose                  :    Very aromatic, for me, a lot of strawberries and red fruits like gooseberry and raspberries.

Mouth               :    Always this strawberry with a small floral touch (we are in spring time and I’m tasting surrounded by bloomed trees, it may influenced me…), nice and easy to drink, all you expect ‘A rosé with freshness. A light tannic structure that also allows this rosé to accompany a meal … WELCOME (almost) SUMMER!

Conclusion    :    This American wine makes me laugh because it copies (in its way) the French style. It doesn’t hide from that  and it’s directly comparable to a Provence rosé. If anyone wants to explain to me what “Rouganté” means, tell me :) It seems to mean “blushing Frog” in American weird traduction style. When you know that the name of the winery “Frog’s leap” is already a nod to the winery “Stag’s leap” this nod to the wines of French Provence is rather amusing.


La Grenouille Rouganté

The blushing frog

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