My top 5 wine labels curiosity – April 17

Come take a walk with me in the wine department, to see what is proposed to us. This month, I want to share with you labels which intrigued me in a Safeway in California.

1 – Curious beasts, Chardonnay 2014. Truett Hurst

This wine stands out quite easily in the shelf because it’s one of the few who are “wrapped”. I think the brand want to quickly build a strong attachment with their buyers.  Besides, it looks like more a design of tequila or any spirit than wine. The story is short: enjoy the present, relax, drink wine… Because you don’t know where life will take you tomorrow. At the end: “Carpe diem !”





2 butter, Chardonnay 2015 – JaM Cellars

A wine that announces the taste right on the label! The winery aims to promote easy and accessible wines under $ 20. The image is young, the idea is to enjoy a drink with friends without really taking care of what is drunk. This style of Chardonnay is still a less fashionable in California. Even if everyone still loves it ;) but no one tell it… JaM Cellars produces also: “JaM cab'” and “Toast Brut Sparkling ‘.

JaM Cellars is all about easy-to-love, everyday wines…



3 vendetta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec – Francis Ford Coppola 

Another bottle “wrapped” but this time by the Coppola winery. We are almost ready to come with this bottle in a thriller dvd evening or a giant Clue. I also like the idea of the websitewhich trying to make the experience all the way.

Don’t talk about it. (drink it.)



4 Dairyman, Pinot Noir- Belle Glos 

What I liked about this wine is the amount of wax they used and I couldn’t help to it her “belle gosse”, which mean in french “good-looking girl”

Bellel Glos is actually the name of the winemaker and owner’s grand mother, Joe Wagner, who chose to call his wines like this in her honor. Belle Glos is also his personal project… Because otherwise, he works with his all family at Caymus Vineyard founded by his grandparents: Charles F. (Charlie) Wagner and Lorna Belle Glos Wagner (the one).

With its wines he wishes to discover the expression of the Pinot Noir coming from 4 totally different vineyards of Northern California.


5 – House of Cards, Chardonnay – Sonoma County, 2014

Easy… This wine totally made me think about the series with the same name… Series thatI should (absolutely) watch one day…

House of Cards is a collaboration between two Californian: Tom Hinde and David Sayre. They wanted to create a wine which “intrigue and gives joy and fun.” On the other hand, when I did my research, I foundthe Australian House of Cards wines which really seems worth :)

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