O Luar do Sil Godello – Pago de los Capellanes 2016

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Color      :    White

Origin    :    Seadur, D.O. Valdeorras (Galice, Espagne)

Grapes   :    100% Godello

Who ?     :  Paco Rodero and Conchita Villa, from the bodega Pago de los Capellanes

Price       :    10€

Story      :  We don’t talk enough about wines made from Godello, this grape variety dates from the Roman era, it has almost disappeared but the monks of Galicia region in Spain had continued to produce it. Nowadays there are only a few hundred hectares left. The Rodero Villa family is part of the producer that continues to produce them. Owner of their vineyard since 1996 their objective is to let people to discover their region through their different range of wine. The Godello grape variety planted around the village of Seadur in Galicia allows them to highlight this authentic appellation of the region, DO Valdeorras.


Tasted March, 21, 2020

Nose                :    White flowers, fresh and crunchy fruit like a granny smith apple.

Mouth             :    Fresh and balanced. This wine is easy to drink and as I like them with crisps in the end.

Conclusion    :    A very nice discovery that gives you a glimpse of this grape that we are not used to taste every day.


Pago de los Capellanes

Bodega O Luar do Sil

Our Rating

8 heart-stopper

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